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Artisans and Events

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we're partnering with.

The goal of the Cultural Bridge Project is to help non-indigenous adventurers learn more about the native craft of a particular region, including its history, cultural context, and techniques. This learning will be immersive and hands-on and will be provided through both formal and informal opportunities. All are welcome to take part in these events! We will have the opportunity to visit and support artisans in their own communities and in the events where instructors are invited to attend.


If you are interested in working one on one with an experienced artisan, we will connect you with instruction and guidance, focused on providing a foundation of skills and knowledge that is approachable for multiple levels of experience. This will lead to a finished product, and/or can be taken home and extended or applied to one’s own approach. (Book private lessons at an additional cost.)


We are partnering with local non-profits Maya Traditions Foundation and Unlocking Silent Histories to provide workshops/day experiences that foster the preservation of Mayan culture. These include:


  • unification ceremony with a Tz'utujil spiritual guide

  • backstrap weaving/IKAT tying

  • natural plant dyeing

  • viewing youth's self-directed documentaries about their personal histories (Unlocking Silent Histories)

  • visit to Maya Tradition's Medicial Herb Garden

  • market visit and preparation of the region's cuisine with an amazing local woman








Written, directed, filmed, and edited by Lucila
From: San Juan La Laguan, Guatemala
Age 14


An Unlocking Silent Histories Production In collaboration with Maya Traditions

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