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Critical and Creative Expression for Indigenous Youth

"Unlocking Silent Histories is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to working with indigenous youth around the world. Our focus is on strengthening their voices and identities through the creation of their own documentaries. We foster a learning environment that is constructed with our students and in turn this environment facilitates youth leadership. In the process, we develop critical, creative, analytical, collaborative, and digital skills."

"Unlocking Silent Histories is a non profit organization that provides opportunities for indigenous youth to critically analyze how they are represented in the media and create documentaries to present their world from their perspectives."

Check out documentary trailers here as well as their blog and facebook page.


"Many indigenous communities have been taught to keep their histories silent and therefore have been reluctant to express themselves for fear of criticism. Furthermore, in today’s technological world, the voice of indigenous continues to be absent from the escalating digital landscape. Broadcasting their stories and perspectives through documentaries is an effort to create a space for indigenous youth to freely and openly express themselves, increase their digital presence, and broaden their image to the world."




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