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La Iguana Perdida Jam


"I felt really embraced, by not only the people on the Cultural Bridge Project, but also in this culture here in Guatemala. I feel like its been a terrific blessing and I’m so glad I took the trip and hope to see you on another one."

- Michael Moeller, Caricature Artist

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"[I was] opening myself up to serendipity which definitely happened over and over and over again every night. Meeting people…hearing beautiful music. It was delightful all around from many angles to run across on the water, climbing up steep, steep hills, working together with Guatemalan women to make a meal, to seeing them do this fantastic weaving to make their clothing to seeing Unlocking Silent Histories...was very meaningful to me."

- Mici Juni, Artist and Teacher

Highlands of Guatemala trip, October 2014

Documentary by Lisa Chosed

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