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Sonidos De Mi Tierra

Fusion Marimba,

Ukulele, Violin

There are six members in total:

Ernesto Rosales (Neto): marimaba and stand up bass.
Diego Tobar (Tobar): guitar, marimba, voice and beat box.
Sergio Garcia (Pato): saxophone, marimba and some minor percussion.
Andres Muj (Lex): marimba and ukulele.
Mauro Ajquijay (Maurech): marimba , guitar and ukulele.
Antony Texaj (Stern): marimba, ukulele, vocals and minor percussion.


"The type of music we play as a group is traditional as well as experimental, in short marimba with a fusion of stringed, wind, percussion and minor percussion."




"We are a group of musicians with a lot of energy and like to play the marimba which is the national instrument of our country, but since most of us are young people we have made fusion with different instruments.


The group started 4 years ago with 5 members playing pure marimba at cultural and private events. In 2012 we performed for the first time at the Festival Atitlan.  We also performed at the celebration of Baktun 13 in Panajachel later that year. In 2013 we had the initiative, along with the Japanese violinist Ayako Yaabuchi, to combine the violin with the marimba. With this fusion we performed several traditional melodies such as Luna De Xelaju, Rey Quiche, and Porque Será as well as other tunes.


In 2014 we participated again in the Festival Atitlan with 3 more members and new musical fusions: marimba, saxophone, ukulele, violin and voice.  As in 2012 we had a lot of success, and the public especially liked the fusion.  All band members have a strong passion for music and are 100% Guatemalan . We all love music and we love our culture so we want to do new things for the young people interested in our culture."




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