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Photo Gallery and Testimonials

Photos and reflections from the trip to the highlands of Guatemala in October of 2014.

"...Being here exposed me to a different style of music, different instruments, different ways of expressing musicianship. The connection that the trip allowed and fostered I have a feeling is a connection that will continue and I’m not, generally speaking…much of a traveler, but I have a feeling I might be inspired to become a little more of a traveler—perhaps a lot more. Thanks to everyone at the Cultural Bridge for providing that opportunity…"

-Rich Rudin, Musician and Teacher

"…jamming with the local musicians, buying local handicrafts. Staying at La Iguana—the view there was beautiful. Waking up the first morning and seeing the lake and the volcanoes was just amazing. It definitely exceeded my expectations learning about all the different kinds of music, meeting the musicians, interacting with them...

 - Ruchama Bilenky, Musician, Performer, Yoga Therapist


"It’s been a wonderful, very fulfilling experience that has met every expectation I had. I am so pleased and honored to be with a great group of people to get to know and play with...I’ll be there again."

- Alan Hockstein, Musician and Sculptor


"I learned much about the history, the culture, the people, the food, and the dance, and especially the music. Cultural Bridge Project has the best musicians in town. I’m going home truly feeling blessed."

- Nancy Rodriguez,

Musician and Teacher

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