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Workshops and Events June 2015


Saturday, June 20th

Fly into Guatemala City. Transportation provided to Hotel Convento Santa Catalina in Antigua. Hola, bienvenidos! Welcome dinner followed by a gathering at mysterious and renowned Café No Sé for a night of live music.

Sunday, October 26th

Historic Antigua

Enjoy the day in beautiful historic Antigua. We will visit El Sitio Proyecto Cultural where we will meet with a local artist and learn about their process. Cultural Project Site promotes the artistic, cultural and social development of Guatemala through cultural diversity, creativity and innovation, intercultural dialogue and artistic expressions of people of the region. Followed by dinner in Antigua.

Monday, June 22nd

Travel to Panajachel

Spend the morning in Antigua with lunch provided. At 2pm, take a 2 hour shuttle ride to Panajachel. In the evening we are invited to a party and performance hosted by Sonidos de mi Tierra, local marimba fusion band. Welcome to Panajachel!

Tuesday, June 23rd

Atitlán Music School

Visit La Escuela de Musica in Panajachel. Workshop led by local musicians at the school followed by a shared lunch.

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Wednesday, June 24th

Maya Traditions Foundation

Maya Traditions Foundation provides a back-strap weaving class with one of their Maya artisans. In the class, you will learn the basics of back-strap weaving and have the opportunity to work with one of the very talented weavers. At the end of the course, you will be able to take home your completed weaving. You will produce a small weaving Includes back-strap weaving materials, coffee, water, lunch, transportation for our artisan, and a fair payment for her time.

Thursday, June 25th

Santiago Atitlan

Spend the day exploring Santiago Atitlan, a bustling Guatemalan town with a mostly indigenous population. A visit to Maximón, a Mayan/Christian deity who moves house each year. Foreigners are welcome and offerings are appreciated.

Friday, June 26th

San Pedro

Visiting San Pedro via a boat ride. Hike up San Pedro Volcano, which overlooks the town, for sweeping 360-degree panoramas.

Saturday, June 27th

San Marcos

We head to San Marcos for a closing group ceremony with a *guias espirituales. In the evening, we head back to La Iguana Perdida for our last will be made!


Sunday, November 2nd


Transporation provided to Guatemala City for departure

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Through working with Cesar Mazat and William Armando (brothers of Andean folk group Mayzales) we have connected with many talented musicians in the region who specialize in Andean folk, fusion marimba, cumbia, trova, and traditional Guatemalan music. Check out musicians we have worked with here.

  • lodging

  • 2 meals each day

  • day events/trips

  • workshops

  • evenings out to listen to live music and parties within the community


If you have any questions about the events, contact us at


* More about Guias Espirituales: Some people know them as Mayan Priests - Sacerdotes Mayas, but for most Indigenous people they are known as Spiritual Guides - Guias Espirituales. In the native Kaqchikel language means: The one who knows and counts the days (Aj' q'ij').


Type of ceremonies

Are celebrated to pray for health and prosperity, to thank and pray for rain, wind and germination of Mother Earth. 
They also do this honoring and thanking for the sacred and the solar year or Wayeb. They also are dedicated for the nahuales officiated in relation to which rules the day. Some other people celebrate a ceremony for asking for abundance, wealth, health, happiness, peace, etc.

Where are they performed? 
Usually ceremonies are celebrated in places called charm places, because they are full of cosmic energy like hills and mountains that are pure energy. Also in some specific parts of the city as long as the Ajau-God allows it.

Primordial elements: 
Meaning of items that should not miss in a Maya ceremony: 

Red candles: Means sunrise; black candles: when the sun goes down; white candle:right arm of the world; yellowcandle: left arm of the world; blue or light blue represents the sky, and green represents Mother Nature. 

The pom (incense): means the communion with nature. 

Sugar: sweetens the way, the heart and life. 

As requested, are also included within the ceremonies the seven hills, cocoa, in some cases four-color corn, sesame andpitch pine, incense, rosemary, sweet ceremonial, florida water, brandy, honey or brown sugar is also used.









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